Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe - Black Acid Co-Op/Bright White Underground/Stray Light Grey/Artichoke Underground

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The first major monograph on the artists Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe, printed in conjunction with their eponymous exhibition at the Glenn Horrowitz East Hampton gallery. This profusely illustrated volume—printed with two discrete covers—spans their initial collaboration in Marfa, TX, to their latest installation at Art Basel Unlimited. With texts by Ali Subotnick, Glenn O’Brien, Mark Flood, Gianni Jetzer, Hamilton Morris, and Jan Tumlir, as well as a photographic essay by Todd Eberle and images by Greg Kessler and Joshua White.


Sprog: Engelsk

Udgivelsesdato: 29-09-2015
ISBN13: 9780989826518
22 mm x 233 mm x 309 mm
Glenn Horowitz Bookseller
224 sider

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